Online Forecasting Workshop 2020

Online Forecasting Workshop 2020

The universe is always talking to us. Sometimes it’s a snatch of song or a missed word in a half-heard conversation, sometimes the whisper of a tree, sometimes by way of traditional methods of divination.

Which is broadly how back in 2008 I predicted a meltdown for 2020. I didn’t see its origins in pestilence but financial collapse was clearly due this year. I’m not sure that was much help actually. That’s the thing about prediction: what do you do with it?

As opposed to a forecast which is a different and more useful thing. Did you know that a weather forecast has only to be 70% accurate? You might have a view as to whether the weather people actually manage that percentage with any consistency but that’s the definition. As opposed to a prediction which is either right or wrong.

So when we forecast by way of the traditional Chinese methods, we are interested not in the 70% that’s pretty much inevitable but the 30% we might change. We forecast in order to prevent the worst parts of the future, don’t we?

Starting in April/May, I plan to teach useful forecasting. We’ll be using traditional Chinese methods such as ba zi, the Book of Changes, Qi Men Dun Jia and much more. It will take the form of an initial One Day Workshop and/or a weekly or monthly series of one-hour sessions.

At this point without committing yourself, we’d like to know if you’re interested in joining us. If so email please. Numbers are obviously limited and as with all our workshops it will only take place if the universe clearly wants it.

Some knowledge of Chinese metaphysics is an asset. Which is kind of true generally.

Richard Ashworth March 2020.

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