Interpreting the Book of Changes in 2020

A Second Workshop on interpreting the Book of Changes in 2020. 

If some years were added to my life, I would give fifty to the study of the Yi, and then I might come to be without great faults.” Confucius.

Another one-day on-line workshop; 10a.m.- 5p.m. BST, Wednesday July 15th. Early Bird: til June 30th :£125,  Full Price: £175.

The previous workshop filled up so quickly that we had to turn people away. So here’s another opportunity.

Sometimes we may feel we are wandering in mist. And yet the universe is always offering guidance if we’re paying attention. On occasion however we have to ask directly. Many people wait for signs or “markers” as to how to proceed in difficulty. Casting the Hexagrams of the Book of Changes is one way to do this deliberately.  This workshop is about drawing every ounce of meaning from the Hexagrams and lines of the Book of Changes in order to  illuminate the way.

The Workshop will be interactive and experiential as well as educational.
Each student is requested to pose a question prior to the workshop and to share the Hexagram the Book of Changes offers in response. We will examine every one of the Hexagrams cast – which of course is one reason numbers are limited – first in the abstract and then in light of the question. During the week before the workshop I will coach by email anyone who doesn’t know how to cast a Hexagram. No previous knowledge of Chinese or other metaphysics, the esoteric or the world of woo-woo required.

The Book of Changes or I Ching commonly known as the Yi, consists essentially of sixty four images or guas. Each represents an aspect of the human experience, opening with Qian, The Creative and concluding (or not) with Wei Ji or Not Yet Complete. Casting – whether by yarrow stalks, dice, coins or some other means – draws from the Yi a Hexagram in answer to an enquiry. Sometimes answers hint at the future, often at the past. Some say that the Yi represents the thrust of the universe; spirit, higher mind or tao; others that we’re simply informing ourselves of what we already know. Either way Chinese emperors, generals, politicians and businesspeople have been using the Yi as adviser and reference for over 3000 years. And it seems to have been working for them.

The workshop will include some background, some tradition and some history and take a good look at the shape and structure of the Yi. Then we will examine each cast. And take it from there. It may even get personal – strict confidentiality is a condition of admission.

We may examine the Hexagrams in the usual ways – lines, elements, family relationships, traditional interpretation and so on – but we’ll also give ourselves permission to break all the rules and strip the Hexagrams back to their ancient simplicity, back to the Shang & Zhou Diviners of antiquity, before Confucius or anyone else fixed their meanings and see what the Yi is saying to us now in 2020.

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