The Rooster in the Year of the Metal Rat 2020

Who is a Rooster?

The Rooster in 2020: below

Years:  1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005.
Month*:  September
Hour: 17.00-19.00

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* Caution: the start of the Chinese month can be as early as the 4th & as late as the 9th, depending on the year. I can let you know this too.

What is a Rooster?
The Rooster is yin Metal, the night bird, glamorous and with an eye for detail. She appreciates an argument and likes to win but has little patience for causes that drag on. She will appreciate jewellery, fine art and good living and create wealth easily; she can spend it as easily too. Conversely of course a wide-awake Rooster like Aung San Suu Kyi can reject such distractions in order to serve a cause that has indeed dragged on for decades. And like Aung San Suu Kyi can suddenly and mysteriously change their mind. This is yin and yang. The Rooster’s moral compass is often a learned thing.

The rule this illustrates is that a typical Rooster is suited to work such as that of an advocate which involves short decisive arguments. Her brief passion is the perfect support for a client. She can defend with enormous commitment and then move on to the next one. That commitment is 100% but it is short lived. If she is in a job that involves holding her peace she may fret and become ill.

Osama bin Laden may be a good example of a typical 1957 fire Rooster: one big splash and he was off. A car must be fast, a partner challenging and life full of twists and turns. The Rooster is likely to be quick witted rather than profound and his attention span is short.

Her allies the Snake and the Ox are sometimes impatient with her because she can digress so widely and so easily but she brings to the Metal alliance the pure competitiveness that the Ox might otherwise misuse and the Snake misunderstand. She is pure Metal – that is determined to prevail at all costs – and they are not. They will not win many cases or many contracts without her and they would do well to pay and respect her appropriately despite the fact that she needs longer holidays and better remuneration.  Conversely if she fails to respect a support system that dots t’s and attends to punctuation and provides the intuitive flashes that the Rooster can exploit but seldom generates, she will not prosper.

Your pitfalls are sex drugs and rock’n’roll. You probably like to party and your personality may be addictive. You are likely to prefer dusk to dawn and also to the small hours.

The Rooster enjoys a powerful alliance with the Dragon in which they may hold the whip hand. This may be unique in the Dragon’s experience. They can bend the Dragon out of shape just as the Ox can bend the Rat. This is not always entirely healthy, such sway must be employed responsibly otherwise both can be damaged. With that proviso this is one of the strongest alliances in the Chinese zodiac.

The Rooster predictably is one of the charismatic Flowers of Romance. Success and glamorous partners come easily to her. Often a Rooster can punch above her weight in this regard. Cinderella was a Rooster and Yoko Ono. This effortlessness can make for complaisancy and bitterness is common among middle-aged Roosters. Growing old is hard for the Rooster who is often compared to Snow White’s stepmother. Who is the fairest of us all? Consider these aspects in the contrasting lives of Mick Jagger and Che Guevara both of whom were born – in different years – on the day of the Rooster.  “You’re so vain you probably think this song’s about you.” (Carly Simon 1945 Wood Rooster)

With the Monkey this wily, numerate bird can form a commercial alliance. A business co-run by these two will be irresistible but may not open on time. It may not close promptly either and may also suffer the cash flow problems that come from poor financial prioritisation. A marriage would risk the same types of problem: great parties, early divorce.

The cautious domesticated Rabbit is the nemesis of the Rooster. The Rooster likes bling and the Rabbit can see no life in a stone. Any relationship would generally be full of obstruction and passive aggression. The insistent wood of the Tiger is almost as maddening although his fierceness would at least engage the Rooster’s attention. The loyal, consistent Dog bores her rigid.

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The Rooster in 2020

Roosters can make the most out of the year by strengthening their alliances with powerful friends behind the scenes. It’s not going to matter much if whoever seems to be the boss is not interested in you. Your potential helpers are probably people you already know, but keep your eyes open for new ones showing up both this year and next year. Your personal preview of 2021 comes in January when someone who shares your high standards is just waiting for you to get a clue that you might not be where you belong. Wake up and join them. It’s going to be a pretty good year.

The Rooster’s natural competitiveness is augmented this year, creating aggression that peaks in December. Don’t try to outdo everyone at everything simply because you can or you’ll waste the whole year. Direct your heightened energy to your work, by which I mean communication. Be patient and find the right time and place for it. Have faith that the right time will come rather than forging ahead recklessly and “failing” again.

The Water of 2020 could wear a Rooster out by demanding constant effort. It’s required if you want to step forward from where you’ve been since 2017. Don’t think you can stay safe by not saying what needs to be said. You want to be in command of your destiny. So make yourself ready. Time’s a wasting.

If you’ve got big plans that require approval from an authority figure, April is your month. If the first person you ask for help can’t provide it, they will connect you with someone who can.

With Fortune Virtue, in 2020 the Rooster will be probably be luckier with money than relationship. A Rat year brings potential breakup coming in December. The position of the pillar in a BaZi will add more detail. The breakup is not inevitable; however, Roosters should consider carefully whether they are staying in a dead-end situation. This can apply to jobs too. If you’re trading being free to be who you are for security, it could be time to go. No one is in charge of this but you.

Throughout the year but mainly in September, Roosters may cling to plans to save the world that were established long in the past before our resources had been depleted. This will apply to the world at large and the Rooster’s immediate world. This head in the sand approach makes you seem irrelevant and uncaring though you are not. In 2020 you can re-work your ideas about how to connect people with the help and support they need. As you empower others, you’ll find it naturally happening for you too. Do this by working alongside rather than at the front. Avoid setting yourself up as an authority.

One more thing: Stay on receive. Roosters like to get regular reports of what’s going on in the barnyard but in 2020 you will profit by paying more attention to what you sense; what you know in your gut, not what you hear or see. Don’t worry about convincing others you are right or being recognized for your insight. Simply trust what you know. It’s more reliable than you think.

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