2021, Famine & Feast: Recovery, Year of the Metal Ox

The Recovery Year of the Metal Ox. 

How can we sleep when our beds are burning?” Midnight Oil,  Beds are Burning from Diesel & Dust. 

On Saturday December 12th & Sunday December 13th I’ll be forecasting for the Metal Ox Year online via Zoom. Very easy to join btw – we just send you a link and you click. No prior knowledge of Chinese metaphysics required.

2021, A Watershed Year. Last year I predicted that 2020 would feature financial meltdown. Actually I’ve put that in writing several times from 2008 onwards. Which meant that those who attended my Metal Rat day last year were more prepared than most.

Each year is different of course but not that different. In fact every 60 years things start to look familiar. When 2020 is described as the “Worst Recession in Three Hundred years”, they’re referring to the South Sea Bubble year of 1720, precisely 5 Cycles ago. There’s more to it but that is your first good reason perhaps for attending the Metal Ox Forecast Day.

And of course we’ll go into much more detail so as to cover how you, your family, your work and your environment are liable to respond to the changed energy. Spurs are in for a good year for instance, as are Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama and Jeremy Corbyn; not a great year for the House of Windsor however.

We will be discussing what changes are to be expected in the Metal Ox Year. Where should you locate for best advantage? Which Animals are set to prosper, which to consolidate and what is to be done about it? Also what is the likely trend of world events? How do we best respond?

So what’s on the cards? Metal Oxen are often years of recovery but often also years of unforced errors. In 1961, brand new US President, the youthful, glamorous John F Kennedy nearly destroyed the world with the domino effect set up by invading the Bay of Pigs in Cuba. Meanwhile Rachel Carson was still writing “Silent Spring” the earliest account of the damage we are doing to the planet.

A Metal Ox year is a year when opposing forces grapple for control. Expect the world’s most respected Metal Ox Barack Obama, to be politically engaged as the fallout from a chaotic US Election stretches into May or later.

We will be looking closely at the fortunes of each Animal; every year brings winners as well as losers: each of your Month, Day and Hour of Birth are ruled by a Zodiac Animal as is your Year, as you know. Rats are mostly boosted in 2021 for instance but even if your birth was not in 1948, 60, 72, 84 or 96, it may have been on a Rat Day, a Rat Hour (around midnight) or a Rat Month, that is December.

We will look closely at this, so be sure to have all four of your Four Pillars to hand; if you have not had those Pillars drawn up, best to get that underway now. As each Pillar relates to a different area of your activity, it may well be that a Sheep of 1955, 1967 or 1979 say, who might otherwise expect a thin time was born on an Ox day which implies an increase in personal power.

We’ll be looking of course at the fresh patterns of energy; The New Year qi dictates new areas to work and sleep and create. The tai sui (that is the most powerful feng shui energy) will be coming in from the North East this time. We won’t be facing that way even if it’s one of our personal best directions; that would be like wilfully facing a tempest. But we will be locating and facing in directions, month by month, where we can expect a following wind. 

What else will we learn?

We’ll consider what’s likely to happen where and when; Last year the map indicated trouble in the Pacific North West. That was on the button – for which I take no credit; it’s just careful drafting. This year we’ll look again. We’ll see how we are ourselves affected as well as what we can do to help.

We’ll trace the progress of the year by way of the Book of Changes; the Four Hexagrams of the year allow us to track the ebb and flow of the prevailing energy, week by week as it peaks and falls.

We’ll look at the indications of Qi Men Dun Jia, the cutting edge of Chinese divination, for some magical dates that you can employ.

All things are cyclical. The other side of collapse is renewal. All over the world there’s a chance following the monster interruption of Covid-19 we may all find a new sustainable way of living.  You won’t remember the Metal Oxen of 1901, 1841, 1721 or 1661 (all of which offer indications) but the reassurance that the Gan Zi Cycle offers is that everything is cyclical. This too shall pass.

We’ll see what we can do, personally, socially, at work and at play to emerge into 2021 with a bright future and a healthier planet. Join us.

Richard Ashworth. © 2020

December 12th/13th: Forecast Days for the Year of the Metal Ox 2021.
December 12th will be aimed at European time zones so starting at 10:00 GMT and finishing at 17:00 GMT approx.
December 13th will be aimed at US time zones so 14:00 GMT until 21:00 GMT approx. We will take a meal break and a couple of comfort breaks.
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