Feng shui has been described as “…a no-risk method of creating the conditions in which relationship can blossom.”

Relationships that work are a function of good choices. Not so great relationships or no relationship derive from not-so good ones. The feng shui of a house will exemplify the choices made by the people who live there. It is just a question of seeing.

Change the house, change the person.

None of us needs to be lonely or unhappy. What is distorted about a house can usually be cleared. Change the house you change the person. Even when we move on there is a principle that the feng shui improvements we make to a house travel with us.

The purpose of feng shui is balance. If something is missing from your life, it follows that it is not in balance. Equally, anything out of balance can be rebalanced. Certain medieval formulae such as The Plum Flower may be used to stimulate romantic energy in a house and a ba zi will tend to show the optimum times places and choices.

Find your mate with a Ba Zi

For centuries Chinese parents have identified appropriate matches for their eligible children by way of Ba Zi or Four Pillars of Destiny. Many people know that Rats get on with Oxen and not with Horses, but a full Ba Zi which is a snapshot of the energy at your precise moment of birth will identify precisely who you are and by extension who you are looking for and how to find them. All surveys come with a basic Ba Zi, and a full Ba Zi can be drafted independently of a survey.

Richard will calculate your compatibility with a current or potential partner or find auspicious dates for your wedding, engagement or even your first date, email him for details using the contact page.

For accounts of such processes see the diaries.

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