2022 Water Tiger: Richard’s Forecast Day

2022 Water Tiger:
The Year of Herding Cats.
“The centre cannot hold; things fall apart.” WB Yeats.

On Saturday December 4th (for European Time Zones) & Sun December 5th (U.S. & global) 2021   I’ll be forecasting for the Water Tiger Year, 2022,
online via Zoom. No prior knowledge of Chinese metaphysics required.

The Year of Herding Cats.
A Tiger image in the hallway is a traditional cure for the philandering man.

This year humanity (but most particularly men) have a lot to learn in a short space of time. This is a pivotal year. And that’s not all bad: Expect Tigers themselves to thrive, also to a greater or lesser extent, Horses, Dogs & Pigs; expect houses that face South towards a mountain to be advantaged and those who work in the North East of their space to prosper. Rats: be extra wary. There’ll be much more to reveal in December..

These encouragements,warnings and procedures will fall into different categories – family, professional, domestic, probable future – depending on whether the Animal in question rules your Year, Month, Day or Hour. If you don’t know which is which I have some very skilled students who can unpick it for you before the workshop. Just let us know.

And your personal future, opportunities and wishes are just the tip of the iceberg. While of course we continue to have icebergs.

Because in 2022 we can expect a series of uncoordinated reactions to the various crises the world faces: principally the climate emergency, Covid-19 and its aftershock as well as traditional male violence. Such reactions may be at your dinner table, especially if young adults still occupy your bedrooms; at work where CEOs may be pretty literally running on empty; at government level; and on the international stage which may seem like the Wild West. We’ll be suggesting some ways to prosper and contribute.

A 5 year like this drops inertia into the heart of things just when we can least afford it: governments, HQs, places of gathering, places of rule, largely male provinces. The wu huang or Yellow 5 Star that rules 2022 is beyond rules. Set the controls for dithering and unwarranted confidence among those nominally in charge: again at home in the office or wherever.

The Water Tiger, like all Tigers has vision and patience. But they won’t wait forever and they’d often sooner take a wrong path than no path. We cannot, as they say, herd cats. The Water aspect of this Tiger makes her more susceptible than other Tigers to discussion. This is a year of last minute talks. But the Tiger brings action. I expect this to be pretty literal and drastic. Again this could be home, away or elsewhere. As above so below.

The young may blame the old for the state the world is in, while emerging nations continue to insist they want flush toilets and proper roads before they cut back. All the while the oil companies (remember the Esso Tiger?) will continue to draw hydrocarbons from the Earth behind everybody’s back while claiming to support sustainable energy. As I said, the Tiger does not have infinite patience.

There’s lots more; we’ll look at both the active and quiet spots around the world and around your house and what to do about them. And the Animals who are winners and losers as well, as ever, as forecasting possible world events. Remember perhaps that a forecast has to be 70% correct and the forecaster’s purpose is to mitigate, heighten or alter the other 30%.
Join us.

December 4th/5th 2021: Forecast Days for the Year of the Water Tiger 2022.
December 4th will be aimed at European time zones so 10am until 17:00 GMT.
December 5th will be aimed at US & other time zones so 15:00 GMT until approx 22:00 GMT.
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