Auspicious Dates and Places for the month of the Wood Snake 2022

Auspicious Dates and Places for
The (4th) month of the Wood Snake 2022.
(20:45p.m. 5th May to 00:58a.m. 6th June inclusive)
in the Year of the Water Tiger.
Public Bulletin

Hexagram 1

An 8 month                            makes things work.
A typical Snake Month          is deceptive.
Where to be this month:       North West.
Default orientation:               Face North.
Where not to be this month: South East, South West.
Favoured Animals:                 Snake, Rooster, Ox, Monkey.
Especially challenged:           Pig, Tiger, Rabbit, Sheep.
The Hexagram (above):           1 Qian, Heaven, Heaven over Heaven; the Peak.
Summary:                               expect interference.

7       3       5
6       8       1
2       4       9
Wood Snake lo shu

The Month of the Wood Snake
The time of the Fire Penalty
It’s a scary time. Many are as concerned about galloping prices as about being bombed or accommodating refugees. So this month I’ve highlighted some feng shui that might rapidly address some of those worries. There are of course many other factors to consider including you, the layout & age of your property and so on, so no promises; ask me if in doubt.

  1. The West is about being paid. If you are owed money, activate the West with Wood & something with a constant circular motion – like a mechanical clock). from the 6th. Plants & flowers are Wood of course. Then on Monkey & Rooster Days (7th, 8th, 19th, 20th & 31st May; 1st June) activate further with bright light.
  2. The North East is about increase. Occupy the North East for gain. You may risk minor illness. I leave that decision to you.
  3. Add a further trip to the He Tu Journeys: the new one is East-tai chi-West. Same procedure: place 30 rose quartz at each of East & tai chi and move one from East to tai chi and one from tai chi West every day this month. Forgive yourself if you miss a day.
  4. This month there are two usable Remove Days. If something you want to sell isn’t, the 17th and the 29th are the days to focus on it.
  5. Get started on the 6th (Friday). Delay till the 14th if you miss the 6th.
  6. North is the place to balance your books if this is a priority
  7. Avoid the South West.
  8. Place no Water features this month.
  9. Don’t face NE3 (around 52½º to 76½º.

Q: What is the Fire Penalty?
A: What happens when Snake, Monkey & Tiger Meet.
Q: What does happen?
A: Interference, unwanted intervention, triangular relationships, proxy wars.
Q: So it happens a lot in a Tiger Year?
A: Yes and especially in the Snake & Monkey Months.
Q: And Monkey Days in the Snake Month?
A: Yes.
Q: Which are?
A: 7th, 19th, 31st May
Q: Also Monkey Hour?
A: Yes.
Q: Which is when?
A: 4-6p.m. BST.
Q: Who’s most affected?
A: Monkeys, Snakes & Tigers.
Richard Ashworth 5th April 2022. 

The Month of the Wood Snake, Animal by Animal:
These generic forecasts carry different nuances dependent upon whether this Animal rules your Year, Month, Day, Hour or Life House.

Snake (1941,53, 65, 77, 89; births in May*, 9-11am & on certain days#) Respect truth even more than usual. Pleasant surprises follow. Caution on Monkey days (7th, 19th, 31st)

Horse (1942, 54, 66, 78, 90; births in June*, around midday & on certain days#) A little under-powered, best tread water.

Sheep (1943, 55, 67, 79, 91; births in July*, 1-3pm & on certain days#) Work alone as you may not be included.

Monkey (1944, 56, 68, 80, 92; births in August*, 3-5pm & on certain days#) the terror of frankness. Beware Fire Penalty: interference & unwelcome intervention.

Rooster (1945, 57, 69, 81, 93; births in September*, 5-7pm & on certain days#) Still empowered; use this time well. Your remit has expanded.

Dog (1946, 58, 70, 84, 96; births in October*, 7-9pm & on certain days#) Tentative but fresh start.

Pig (1947, 59, 71, 83, 95; births in November*, 9-11pm & on certain days#) Temporarily impeded so regroup and forge ahead.

Rats (1948, 60, 72, 84, 96; births in December* 11pm-1am & on certain days#). Observe the outcome for those who don’t listen. And adjust.

Ox (1949, 61, 73, 85, 97; births in January*, 1-3am & on certain days#) The appropriate time to move on from habit or obsession.

Tiger (1950, 62, 74, 86, 98; births in February*, 3-5am & on certain days#) Your power may be challenged (especially on Monkey days: 7th, 19th, 31st); stick to your path.

Rabbit (1951, 63, 75, 87, 99; births in March*, 5-7am & on certain days#), A time to relax and count blessings.

Dragon (1952, 64, 76, 88, 2000; births in April* 7-9am & on certain days#) Expect new students, acolytes, followers, novices, initiates, whatever.
* Chinese Months start later than European ones. #You’ll need help or a Chinese Calendar for this

Special Days in May:

Especially helpful

Tue 17th  May, Metal Horse, Room, Remove (3) resourceful.
About rights, human, animal, other. Today is a day when laws are changed – for the better. Less binding rules also. Push the boat out.
Activity: Dog NW1 (WNW around 295º) for the security underwriting daring.
The day to take action: Tigers, Dogs, Sheep, the fierce & the obedient.  
In any Pillar.

Not so helpful.

Friday 13th May, Fire Tiger, Ox, Receive (7)  *** Rise to the challenge
Double Tiger in Snake Month: a struggle for power – in your kitchen or bedroom perhaps or even in the legislature – either way not worth the candle. Not convivial but stay open till late, I should. Activity: West for accurate calculation.
Special Places in May:

Where to locate in May

The West is the place to activate in order to get paid. If there are payments due to you that remain outstanding, place Wood (ie plants) in the West all month and something with a constant circular motion – like a mechanical clock). (In my house we’re lucky enough to have the tumble-dryer there though of course we use it less & less.)
Then activate West with bright light on the Monkey & Rooster Days (7th, 8th, 19th, 20th, 31st May, 1st June)

Where not to locate in May
South West, Accumulation: Year Star: 2 Month Star:5. Sui po
2:5 Stay out. When money flows out of the door, love flies out of the window. The sui po (opposite the tai sui all year) is vulnerable all year and at its worst now in this area that represents Mothers, relationship and the stomach area.
Repair: t’ang lung.

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