Auspicious Dates and Places for The month of the Metal Ox 2022

Auspicious Dates and Places
The (12th) month of the Metal Ox 2022.
(17:46 5th January to 04:58 4th February inclusive)
as the Year of the Metal Ox turns to the Water Rat.
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Hexagram 19

A 3 month                             is dynamic.
A typical Ox Month               isn’t
Where to be this month:       South West, North.
Default orientation:               Face North West.
Where not to be this month: West, East.
Favoured Animals:                  Snake, Rooster, Ox, Rat.
Especially challenged:             Horse, Sheep.
The Hexagram (above):     19, Lin, Advancing, Earth over Lake, The Receptive.

Summary:                                meditate, plan. Wei wu wei.

2       7       9

1       3       5

6            4

Metal Ox Month Lo Shu.

The Month of the Metal Ox
Essentially a recap of the Metal Ox Year 2021. What was learned and what missed? Kind of a second chance. Here are a few echoes to watch out for.

  • Bitcoin (the Metal concealed within the 2021 Metal Ox) ended the year on a high which may mean it will climb further this month.
  • Rats like Prince Andrew found that they were at the mercy of the agendas of others as Rats do in Ox years. HRH could well end up under the Royal bus by Feb 4th.
  • Those Fire Dogs of 1946 (such as Trump, Bill Clinton & GW Bush) who presided over the post-Vietnam age of greed and scorched Earth, end the Ox Year twitching but burnt out. The delusion of ceaseless increases in GDP is blown. The Earth is round, resources are finite.
  • As we enter the 9th Fate of the Chinese Cycle, climate change has become the most urgent topic. Any mitigation of the damage already inevitable is attributable to the efforts of the young – youth being one of the attributes of the Ox. To identify those who will force the changes necessary, look for births between 1986 and 1995. Echoes of Cop 26 obviously enough fall into the final third of this month.

In our own lives we may also notice echoes. As I write in the first few days of this Metal Ox month, I’m considering how the year began. What’s to learn? What to clear up? Often greater clarity is gained by entering an Alpha meditative state. If you’re not adept at this, try listening to poignant music – especially music that means something to you – as you examine the year.

As the month wears on I’ll be looking at last spring, then summer and autumn and finally around Feb 1st, this very moment. Quick thinkers may have already realised that February, a Water Tiger just like the Year, may offer some foreshadowing. Watch this space. FYI: I’m hosting Only in Dreams, a brand new series of  Monthly Book of Changes Interpretation Workshops starting early March).

The Ox – Month, Year or Day – also represents consistency, fertility and sensitivity, none of these qualities associated particularly with the coming Tiger of 2022. Ox means watershed too; we are programmed to overeat around the Solstice and sleep it off till February – January can be such a sleepy month, hard to get things done. An Ox Year can serve a similar function – lucid dreaming ahead of action. The coming Tiger is a beast both patient and able to leap into motion in an instant. A year of action – rather than dialogue – is coming. So let’s be kind to ourselves for now; a Month that recaps the Year can be very helpful.

Now while the qi is subdued is also the time to make the feng shui changes to your space for the New Year. Restart your journeys in the new pattern; occupy the helpful areas (South is a likely contender but much depends on your individual environment); shun the centres of things, headquarters, capitals and your own tai chi. Some helpful procedures are unique to this year.

Ride that Tiger!
Richard Ashworth 3rd January 2022.  

The Month of the Metal Ox, Animal by Animal:
These generic forecasts carry different nuances dependent upon whether this Animal rules your Year, Month, Day, Hour or Life House.

Ox (1949, 61, 73, 85, 97; births in January*, 1-3am & on certain days#) Last month of disproportionate influence. Think ahead, use power with long term forethought.

Tiger (1950, 62, 74, 86, 98; births in February*, 3-5am & on certain days#) To a great extent already in charge. Retract claws for now at least.

Rabbit (1951, 63, 75, 87, 99; births in March*, 5-7am & on certain days#) Possibly confrontational; romantic opportunity for male Rabbit, female Rat.

Dragon (1952, 64, 76, 88, 2000; births in April* 7-9am & on certain days#) Obstructions.

Snake (1941,53, 65, 77, 89; births in May*, 9-11am & on certain days#) Fresh start, supported, encouraged.

Horse (1942, 54, 66, 78, 90; births in June*, around midday & on certain days#) Proxy fights – for better or worse.

Sheep (1943, 55, 67, 79, 91; births in July*, 1-3pm & on certain days#) Excluded but only briefly.

Monkey (1944, 56, 68, 80, 92; births in August*, 3-5pm & on certain days#) you are better understood than is likely later in the year. Capitalise.

Rooster (1945, 57, 69, 81, 93; births in September*, 5-7pm & on certain days#) You can strut safely.

Dog (1946, 58, 70, 84, 96; births in October*, 7-9pm & on certain days#) Tripping over stuff.

Pig (1947, 59, 71, 83, 95; births in November*, 9-11pm & on certain days#) Still not quite your moment but it’s very close. Some clear indications this month.

Rats (1948, 60, 72, 84, 96; births in December* 11pm-1am & on certain days#). Caution serves you best but your agenda is still not quite your own.

* Chinese Months start later than European ones. # You’ll need help or a Chinese Calendar for this.

Special Days in January:
Especially helpful

Saturday 8th January, Metal Rooster, Willow, Success (4) **** Helpful.
Showtime. A day that fosters display above modesty. Set out your stall. Equally a time to be gracious when favoured in order to forestall resentment later. Roosters: tone it down; Others: push the boat out.
Activity:     Ox (NE1 around NNE 30º) for balance.
Favours:     Snake, Ox, Dragon        
Special Favour:  
Earth(89) Metal(41) Snake,
Metal(61) Water(73) Wood(85) Ox
Metal(40) Water(52) Wood(64) Dragon, the non-linear.
In any Pillar 

Not so helpful.

Sunday 23rd January, Fire Rat, Void, Closed (1) *** frustrating.
There’s a tendency to act rashly, arrive too early or blurt today. One statement too many could give away the farm today.
Activity: Ox NE1 (NNE around 30º) to stick to the point – and no more.
Favours: no one much.
Trickiest for: Horse, Sheep, those who don’t pace themselves.
Some advantage:
Water(92) Wood(44) Fire(56) Monkey,
Water(72) Wood(84) Fire(96) Rat,
Metal((40) Water(52) Wood(64) Dragon;
Metal(61) Water(73) Ox.
In any Pillar.

Where to locate in January

North East, Wealth Star: Tai sui (Tiger) or Year Star: 8 Month Star: 6.
The 8 blesses, the 6 rules: all things being equal this again is where to be this month. It’s prosperous and powerful. Simplest enhancement is Water to create a 1:6:8 combination. Big breaks for Pigs at NE3 (the 3rd segment clockwise of the North East), Horses and Rats (at NE1) but also those with ba zis heavy with Wood – like the Tiger Year itself. The tai sui btw is usually a perfectly sound location to occupy but a lethal one to face – this year don’t position yourself to face anywhere between 52½º and 67½º NE but locating anywhere NE has promise. Good for business and creativity but also as ever, the default position for meditation, prayer and Alpha-rhythm activities.
Maximise: with Water: a bowl changed daily. Occupy, keep active.

Where not to locate in January

Tai chi, Home, the centre: Year Star: 5 Month Star: 3. Year Wu huang.
The 5 at the tai chi brings a re-boot of sorts as each of the nine Stars returns home. Which puts the chaotic 5 or wu huang back at the heart of things of course; all year. A certain amount of taming can be done; I recommend the t’ang lung obelisks (a chue cure for the wu huang or 5 Yellow) and you can try a salt water cure – messy but often effective – but mostly I’d say stay out and keep the area quiet. Occupation for better or worse is often the most powerful way to activate the 5 or any Star. Other strategies depend upon your individual circumstances but any activation of the tai chi may end in tears. By extension take care to avoid centres, HQs, capitals etc – this makes working at home a no-brainer of course. If you can.
We’re all faced with these problems to a greater or lesser extent all year,
Pacify: t’ang lung; we can supply these.
Salt Water Cure; we can send you instructions.
Metal: such as a 6-Pipe Metal windchime tends to mitigate the rogue Earth of the 5.
Stay out!
Richard Ashworth is one of the most respected Western Feng Shui Masters. He was among the pioneers of feng shui survey & analysis at a distance (for now of course the most prudent way to do it) on MySpirit Radio in the noughties. A good taster of his approach may be found on Audible. You can also see him at work on tv’s Housebusters. Or read his collected Feng Shui Diaries. Most Thursdays and Fridays he is to be found teaching both feng shui and ba zi one-to-one online (times by mutual arrangement) with students from Seattle to Belgium.

Richard has worked from Lebanon to Bermuda, in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and with stars such as Naomie Harris, Kelly Hoppen and Gillian Anderson. Unusually for a Western Master, he has addressed the Grand Masters at the International Feng Shui Conference in Singapore. He is now also a Founder Committee Member of the IFSA UK Chapter.

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