The Wind that stops at the Water

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The Wind that stops at the Water : a first course in Classical feng shui.
Learn traditional Chinese feng shui with Richard Ashworth: online via Zoom.
“Richard is the man I trust with my own space.” Kelly Hoppen.

Some Masters define feng shui simply as “doing the right thing in the right place at the right time”, others as harmony with the environment, others again as some mystical hybrid of magic and precision. It isn’t interior design and it involves no essential spiritual practice. It isn’t even really about buildings. Rather it concerns the people who live in them, their health, wealth and wellbeing. This modular course is essentially Richard teaching the methods he has learned from a variety of Masters, developed and used with measurable success from Poland to Kuala Lumpur over a number of years. Over the four modules you will discover that there is no such thing as a routine survey and that the heart of Classical feng shui is to treat the person in the building by addressing the building. This is just a beginning.

The Wind that Stops at the Water – the Course

Four Modules outlining the principles of all the major schools of feng shui, and the basic tools of authentic Chinese Imperial Feng Shui. Each module is taught as five 1-hour Zoom sessions anywhere in the world. Timings can be tailored to your schedule. . On completion of the course a student will be aware of all the major schools of classical feng shui and have many of the tools that may lead over time to Mastery.
No prior knowledge of feng shui, ba zi or Chinese culture is required.

“Just thought I would let you know that our Nursery has just joined the 4% of OUSTANDING childcare provisions in the Country! OFSTED turned up yesterday – report not official yet — but we were given the verbal feedback by the Inspector….. You are goooooooooooooooooood!” Jocelyn

Module One: Available immediately as  five 1-hour  Zoom Sessions.

What is feng shui? We’ll look at the roots of feng shui in the idea of the Tao or “Way”, at the observations of the cycles of time that gave birth to the Zodiac Animals, at sympathetic magic, the Chinese notion of tian ti ren or “Heaven Earth and Man”, at the influence of the Yi or “Book of Changes” and the more recent European or “New Age” variants with a view to concluding what is traditional, what is useful and what is essentially irrelevant.

“Business – you said we’d make contacts this year – and boy are we! Some incredible contacts coming on line from very well placed people. What a turn around!” Janette and Nigel.

Module Two: Available immediately as five 1-hour Zoom Sessions.

The environment; how does the building sit in the terrain? The Mountain and the Water. The Threshold, the mouth of the building. Domestic Survey Routine. Drawing up a qi map showing pockets of energy, places of help and danger. Introduction to the major Chinese Schools: sam yuen (Three Fates and hence the Trigrams of the Book of Changes) and sam he (Three Harmony and hence the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches.)

“Thought I’d send you a quick message to say that things in my life have changed MASSIVELY since I saw you!!!! Something just shifted.Kirsty.

Module Three: Available immediately as five 1-hour  Zoom Sessions

The Bedroom, the Office, the Kitchen, other rooms. Basic ba zhai (Eight House) and basic fei sin (that is Flying Stars). The 81 Flying Star patterns and the 24 configurations.

“So many good things have happened in the last few days that we both feel so much stronger individually and together. Thank you again for helping us last week, we have really noticed the difference in the feel of the house and in our relationships with each other.” Raj.

Module Four: Available immediately as five 1-hour Zoom Sessions

Integrating ba zi into feng shui practice, decriminalising and harnessing intuition. Change the house, change the person: Tricks, Cures, Remedies, Alterations, Dogs, ghosts, toads. Introduction to the ancient methods of Xuan Kong Da Gua and Yang Gong.

Who should attend?

This course opens to a lifetime of study which may excite enthusiasts, the curious and anyone who would like to better understand themselves and the world around them. Grounding in feng shui principles desirable but not essential.

Mentoring for advanced students: Richard’s Mentoring Programme is for selected advanced students who have completed his starter professional courses. As a Mentee Richard helps you develop your feng shui practice and/or supports your study. The programme is tailored to you and may cover the technical, practical, procedural and/or commercial aspects of making a career in the world of woo-woo.

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