Double Seven: Earth Rabbit Month, 2020

Auspicious Dates and Places
The (2nd) month of the Earth Rabbit, 2020.
(11:05 5th March to 15:48pm 4th April 2020 inclusive)
in the Year of the Metal Rat 

Da Zhuang
—-  —-
—-  —-
Great Power
Hexagram 34

The Earth Rabbit Month, Animal by Animal
The Pig is in clover,
Rats may feel unappreciated,
The Ox is unusually powerful,
Tigers less so,
Some Rabbits may appear ungrateful,
The Dragon may feel put upon,
The Snake unplatformed,
The Horse is a trifle abashed,
The Sheep feels for once included,
Monkeys may feel ignored,
Roosters fooled,
Dogs cherished.

Special attention this Month: Ramblings live! I’m talking at the Feng Shui Society Conference in London May. Book now before they change their minds:
A 7 month                                       promises mischief.
The Rabbit Month                       often concerns leaving & returning home.
Where to be this month:          West, North West, North East.
Where not to be this month:  East, tai chi.
Favoured Animals:                     Pig, Rabbit, Sheep, Dog – in any Pillar.
Especially challenged:              Rooster, Dragon, Ox, Snake.
The Hexagram (above):             Da Zhuang Great Power. Thunder over Heaven.

6            4
5       7       9
1       3       8
Earth Rabbit

This month’s lo shu: wu huang 5 East ; san sha West

Double Seven: Earth Rabbit Month, 2020.
What to expect, what to do.
Such a busy time; if they’re going to get serious about feng shui, people tend to do it all at once around the Chinese New Year. So I apologise if you’ve been kept waiting. We’re currently booking into May and beyond.

I’ve been reminding both ba zi and feng shui clients this month that when I defocus and “read” the relations between Stars, Zodiac Animal and the changing year, I may be talking on several levels at once: global, personal, political, social, commercial, other. Truth is I may not always be aware of all the levels; the Chinese characters are infallible but my interpretation varies. And it’s often easy to mistake my “defocused” expression for trapped wind.

You’ll have noticed perhaps that the Magic Square for this Metal Rabbit Month has at its heart a 7, just like the year. The 7 Star is a tricky little number. Having aspects of both Metal and Fire, it’s a little unstable, traditionally being associated with among other things, fires and burglary. With the 7 Star there’s always potential trouble. On the other hand it’s quite easy to control: all other things being equal, a bowl of fresh Water changed daily in the troubled area should tame it.

But a 7 has wide implications. In a 7 year the centres of things can’t be trusted. Doubly so in this 7 month. That’s head offices, capital cities, the tai chi of your house, governments and appointed authority. What’s new about that? you might reasonably ask. Answer: however strongly you might feel about what they actually did, governments – the Trumpreich & the Old Etonians’ Common Room at Downing Street included – did what they said they’d do in 2019. This year and especially this month, they won’t. They can’t be trusted. As I say, not that that is a huge surprise.

Who can be trusted then? The answer to that is also in the Flying Stars. True authority lives in the North West, the Heaven Gate which is where the 8 Star of Blessing has “flown”. In a Metal Rat Year with a 7 at its heart, authority will appoint itself. Pay close attention to those who speak and act with earned authority. They may pop up in the most unusual places: 15-year-old Swedish schoolgirls, 93-year-old broadcasters for instance.

Grumpy kind of month; just remember it’s cyclical because of course the only constant is change.
Richard Ashworth 2020

Where to be in March.
Summary: doubly bountiful.
North West, Authority: Year Star: 8 Month Star: 8
Be here, face NorthWest, enter or leave by a NW door, occupy a home backing onto NW or an office facing that way for advantage. Suits bosses, leaders, generals, fathers and wanna-be’s. All year following the 8s & 9s with bright light will tend to keep things flowing.
Enhance for wealth and success: Fire – bright light.

Where not to be in March.
Summary: frustrating at best.
East, Ambition: Year Star: 5 Month Star: 5. Annual wu huang. Moon (Rabbit E2)
The pits. Avoid locating or entering East this month. It’s okay to face it though. The 5 is often thought of as inherently mischievous. It isn’t, it’s just powerful. Think of the 5 as like a nuclear power station; you want cheap electricity but you don’t want to sit in the reactor. So avoid. For a power boost now and then then you might look Eastward from time to time and enter your home or office from the West (ie towards the East) occasionally perhaps. For this and other reasons this month is all-in-all a poor time for young men.
Mitigate: t’ang lung and/or Metal eg 6 Pipe Metal windchime.

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