Four Point Activation for September 2021

Four Point Activation for September 2021:

The simultaneous 4-Point Activation of Dragon Virtue, Sun, Moon and Fortune Virtue at Monkey (around 240˚ SW3), Tiger (around 65˚ NE3), Dragon (around 120˚ SE) and Dog (around 295˚ NW1) respectively, is said to clear any major blockage; it may help to consider what that blockage actually appears to be, what constitutes clearing it and how that will feel.

Locations are from the tai chi.

The actual drill:

Put simultaneous attention on these four spots during the designated double hour, moving between them, making noise, cleaning, placing Water, working or whatever. The more energy expended the better. Outcome may relate to energy put in and quality of materials.

If I have surveyed for you, I will have marked these points. If you’re unclear, do check. You may need help but many manage on their own by setting things up and moving from place to place. Agitation – drilling, digging, hammering – will always activate, but certain locations at certain times suit certain types of activation; see below. 

Hint: buy a rubber hammer.

Important: Timing:

  1. Activation is likely to be most effective on auspicious days. We identify these in the Monthly and Weekly bulletins available by subscription. The South East may prove specially hazardous if activated carelessly this year.
  1. Equally important is to choose a month that is safe for your particular building; this involves the Great Sun calculation which given the orientation of your building, we can work out for you; it relates to the sitting (or rear) position and it’s a bit fiddly.

If in doubt, don’t do the Activation. 

Next suitable Date: 15th September 14:00pm -16.00pm BST.

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