Healing Your Own Space

The Healing Your Own Space foundation course

Suddenly everyone wants to know how to heal a space. Hardly surprising when many of us have felt like Brie Larsen in Room these last few months.

How do you heal a space? Here is a very simple check list:

  1. Notice how you feel about the space. Trust that feeling. Put it into words.
  2. Which areas are attractive? Which are not? Again trust your preference.
  3. What is right or wrong about these spots?

Are they too yin or too yang? That is to say too dark &/or too wet on the one hand or too bright & too dry on the other? Use your senses and trust them: what smells right? What echoes oddly? What’s uncomfortable? And so on.

  1. Which of these areas are active ie bright, noisy or busy and which not?

Is this the way it should be? Again trust that you know.

  1. Assess these spots relative to the Five Elements or Phases. Does one Element have more attention or space than another?
  2. Assess the spots relative to the Compass Points. How should they be used? What is being exaggerated or suppressed? For instance the South is likely to be where most light falls; is there too much light there or too little?
  3. Assess them relative to the Eight Trigrams; which members of the family are affected? Does this fit the facts? Refer to the He Tu & Lo Shu maps.
  4. Assess relative to the Twelve Animals. Who is affected? And in what way?
  5. Make corrections: make drier what should be drier, activate what should be active and alive, deactivate what should not be. Trust that you can tell the difference between how it feels before and after.
  6. Be conscious of which members of the family and types of activity belong in which area and be very conscious of giving love to the corresponding individual as you make corrections.
  7. Get rid of things you don’t like or need that take up space; charity, recycle or a skip maybe. Notice where they were. This is not about tidiness.
  8. Notice how much you knew already.

The above is not comprehensive of course. And from here it gets a lot more complicated.

Which is why I will be teaching this simple material online in small groups as a Foundation Course leading to my Starter Ba Zi and Feng Shui Courses later this year.

This will also serve as standalone course course for those wanting a basic knowledge of feng shui. No previous understanding of Chinese mumbo jumbo or the world of woo woo required.

The Healing Your Own Space foundation course consists of 10 one hour weekly sessions. The cost for the full course is £1000.

Email: sheilaashworthfengshui@gmail  if you want to reserve a space

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