I talk to the Animals, Two Days on the Chinese Zodiac

I talk to the Animals, Two Days on the Chinese Zodiac with Richard Ashworth. 

The Tiger never forgets; typically a Tiger (1950, 62, 74, 86, 98) treasures a grievance. If you cross a Tiger (also most February* births and 3-5am) it may be years before they forgive. This is balanced by the fact that they will always remember a favour too. There is no elephant in the Chinese Zodiac of course.

Dragons are non-linear and if you employ them, be sure they want to do whatever it is you have in mind for them. Because they’ll do what they want anyway. Someone born in the Dragon Day will be even more like this than someone born in a Dragon Year (1952, 64, 76, 88, 2000), Month (April) or Hour (7-9am).

Sheep (1943,55,67,79,91, July, 1-3pm) need to belong; they may bend themselves seriously out of shape to do so. Did you know that Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump share a particular Sheep in their ba zis? Mick Jagger & Keith Richards too.

These are among many little-known discoveries about the individual Animals I have made over several decades and thousands of miles of travel in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia to study and practice.

On January 30th/31st or February 6th/7th 2021 I’ll be talking for two days about the Chinese Zodiac: one by one, about an hour per Animal. We’ll look at the nature of each, likely strengths, weaknesses, predilections and quirks, future and past. We’ll look at who are their best partners in business and in love. And when the Force is likely to be with whom and in what way.

Rooster & Rabbit have a very particular relationship: handled well they can plot a route together through the most dangerous territory. Under other circumstances they are prey to mutual disappointment and deceit.

Whether you are expert in ba zi or straight off the street you may learn something to your advantage. Join us.

*Remember Chinese Months start about a week later than ours.

The workshops relating to the Animals for 2021 will be:
Saturday January 30th (Rat-Snake) and Sunday 31st (Horse-Pig)  for European time Zones so starting at 10:00 GMT and finishing at approx 17:00 GMT. Each Day will look at six Animals in depth.
For both days, there will be a meal break and comfort breaks.
Saturday February 6th (Rat-Snake)  and Sunday 7th (Horse -Pig) for US time zones so starting at 14:00 GMT and finishing at approx 21:00 GMT.
For both days, there will be a meal break and comfort breaks.
The Cost is: is £150 per day. £300 for the weekend.(add £5 for Paypal payments, please).
To book a place please email: sheilaashworthfengshui@gmail.com

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