Look to my coming on the 5th Day

Quite a week coming up.

At 9pm last Sunday Narendra Modi ordered Nine Minutes of candle light. This ritual which shut down the Indian national grid, fell on the 9th Day of the Lunar Month Ram Navani (which corresponds precisely to our (Lunar) Dragon) and was a well-calculated invocation of Fire. The night is dark and full of terrors as Game of Thrones has it.

I know nothing about Ayurvedic calculation but the supposed “peak” of Covid-19 cases in the U.K falls next Monday. Conveniently the virus appears to be following a 12-Day Cycle just like the Chinese calendar: twelve days to gestate and a further twelve to establish the true number infected.

That day the 13th is a pretty poor day. The Lunar Mansion is Heart which implies what it sounds like: the eye of the storm. Traditionally Heart represents the Emperor and by extension some event of great import to those in power. The Yuan Dynasty seer Dong Gong rated such a day very poorly.

It is however a Fire Dog day. And the Fire Dog represents the period since World War II. Most particularly it represents the species of patriarchy espoused by three of the last four US Presidents, the 1946 Fire Dogs Clinton, W. Bush and Trump. (ie guess what? Not Obama). This trio of stable geniuses are perhaps the “Emperor” intended above and may represent the ecological, political and social changes called for if humanity is to have a future. Something huge is shifting. Miracles are in the air.

The structure of miracles is very simple. I didn’t say easy. Simple. It involves recognising and taking responsibility for all those aspects you or I may have brought into being in this psychodrama we call reality, along with what we in our deepest, clearest, most benevolent moments truly want for the world.

Can I recommend we all aim to explore these two things and hold them both close this Easter weekend?

Good and bad are ultimately of course points of view but I can tell you that this Sunday the 12th is an extremely helpful day, as is the 15th which follows.

Be safe, be well, be generous, be hopeful.


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