Only in Dreams – Deeper into the Book of Changes

Only in Dreams – Deeper into the Book of Changes.

Monthly One-Hour Group Zoom Sessions in 2022/23

The story is told that one warm afternoon the sage Zhuang Tze dreamed that he was a butterfly.  We are not told quite what that experience may have been like but what we do know is that henceforth he claimed to be uncertain whether he was a philosopher awoken from a dream or a butterfly dreaming he was Zhuang Tze.

We sleep perhaps one third of our lives. And some of us get quite excited about the meanings of our dreams. But what about the other two thirds? If the universe is talking to us why would it limit itself to the waking hours?

The diviner, by which I mean someone who interprets the messages the universe sends us from time to time, may employ any of a number of methods: palmistry, tarot cards, runes, crystals, flame and water and a thousand others. But perhaps the most accessible is the Yi or Book of Changes, sometimes called the I Ching.  

Starting March 2nd 2022 I will be hosting a series of twelve monthly group Zoom sessions of divination by way of the Yi.

These sessions will come from a very different place than last year’s more academic series. We will be using the Yi to interpret the waking dream,

Life is made up of dilemmas; we solve one, we progress to the next, sometimes we get stuck. The Yi consists of sixty four images or guas, each of which reflects a human experience, often a quandary. Number 34 for instance Da Zhuang marks a moment of great but passing power. How do we employ it? Can we retain it? What mistakes are we most likely to make? Is there assistance available?

Each session will be an hour long, the format will be very simple: two participants bring to each session for interpretation a Hexagram they have cast. We will aim to make sense of the readings by looking at structure as well as traditional and other meanings and taking the odd leap in the dark. At first it will be mostly me, I expect, but by the twelfth one I’m anticipating we’ll all be pitching in. Join us.

The cost will be £375, for the series of 12 Zoom sessions;

Early Bird (payable by February 1st) £350. 


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