The Snake

Who is a Snake?

Years: 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001.
Month*: May
Hour: 09:00 am – 11.00am
* Caution: the start of the Chinese month can be as early as the 4th & as late as the 9th, depending on the year. I can let you know this too.

What is a Snake?
The Snake is yin fire and sits between the Horse and the Dragon, possibly the most powerful pair of animals in the Zodiac and certainly among the most difficult stools to fall between. So a typical weakness of the Snake is indecision. Next to that is lack of commitment and finally a propensity for sudden and uncharacteristic dishonesty. The Snake is the prisoner who breaks at the threat of torture; a reasonable decision if you know you’re going to give in anyway. Snakes being of Candle Flame fire, are easily discouraged and sometimes they should be. A Snake may stick long term with an inappropriate choice so as to put off making any choice at all.
The most written about Snake in 2010 was probably Kim Jong-Il, born in the year of Pearl Harbour and destined for life to be on the edge of offering unprovoked aggression. The funny thing about the goose-stepping and posturing of North Korea is that it owes its existence to the fact that China fears a united Korea and does not fear Kim. In the tao everything is its opposite.
So the choice for the Snake is between opposites: the extroversion of the Horse and the subtlety of the Dragon, instinct and logic, process and end product, long and short term, relationship and freedom, employment or entrepreneurship. In the face of this dilemma, a balanced Snake will often develop sufficient charm to get through without having to make the hard decisions. Typically in a relationship, the Snake of either gender is not the decision maker. The decisions she has not made may include the one to be committed to the relationship. The partner of the Snake (best choice probably Ox or Rooster though Monkey lady and Snake man works well) would be well-advised to drag at least this minimum communication from the Snake early on. Interestingly the water Snake or Snake on the (not in) the Grass of 1953 is one of the best makers and keepers of relationship of all 60 pillars.
One of the advantages of being between the autocratic Dragon and the unruly Horse is that the Snake has her ego in check. Many would consider her wise because what she has to say is well-considered and she never says too much. The Snake can be a brilliant collaborator, especially with the Ox and the Rooster who are in a sense similar to her neighbours: the Rooster is blatant and the Ox determined while the Snake anchors them to each other. There may be moments of doubt when the Snake’s loyalty wavers. At such times, the Snake asks searching questions which should have been settled long ago and then usually re-commits. The high minded Brutus was probably a Snake. Not Judas though. To know this grants the Snake both power and integrity. The Snake who knows this about themselves has earned undying trust.
The Snake can also work with the Dragon in what is called the House of Magic. Only the Snake can subordinate her ego to the extent that the Dragon demands while also keeping up. One ideal vocation for a Snake is high-level p.a. Usually (and wisely) the Snake opts for the role of No 2 rather than Big Chief.
Being substantially of yin fire, the Snake often has intellectual and visual gifts. She makes a good critic as her judgement is good and she is not out to destroy egos. She will generally have natural and effortless style.
The Snake has a love-hate relationship with the Monkey. Both have hands-on and logical ability and both attract the occasional tussle but where the Monkey welcomes the opportunity for mischief, the Snake treats dispute as a necessary and regrettable evil. When a Tiger appears either in the form of a Tiger-born person or a Tiger year like 2010, this misunderstanding can turn nasty. In a Rabbit year however its plain sailing.
The Snake is opposed to the Pig and as both of these are members of the informal group sometimes called the Four Terminals, they can impede each other’s movement. Snakes may develop mobility issues in a Pig year and vice versa.
The Snake prefers a short menu and yes/no questions. In a Rat year the Snake may be overwhelmed; there is just too much choice, The Snake’s dreams may come true only for her to run in the opposite direction. Often communication has to be wrenched from the Snake and in the water years of Rat and Pig there is little support for the tight-lipped. In a typical Ox year there is just enough water but not too much. This makes scope for just the restricted level of communication the Snake prefers.
Snakes have a complex relationship with fire. They are not usually sun-worshippers but often their skin needs just a little regular sun and without it they may fall prey to easily avoided ailments such as vitamin D deficiency.

The Snake: Outlook for 2011
Certainly the Snake is the Sorceror’s apprentice of the Chinese Zodiac: you are magical like the Dragon. But you also share something of the outgoing nature of the Horse. Which do you choose? Or do you become an onlooker envious of both? Poor choice. The frustrated unexpressed Snake is often in this quandary. No need for that this year. Don’t do it to yourself. It’s only a way of justifying withdrawal.
Get out into the world. You can’t fail. Really.
Decision-making is often not what the Snake excels at. You are more complex than you appear on first acquaintance. That cuddliness may conceal resentment and that innocence a sharp mind. The Snake as part of the Metal trio of Ox, Snake and Rooster is often effortlessly financially creative although the figures involved may not be huge. You are made up of the obvious yin fire but also metal and earth. The meeting of metal and fire is generally considered to connote wealth which is why the default house colours of Chinese businesses are the red of fire with the white of metal.
To prosper this year, trust. The economic climate may be chilly but your gifts of service and counsel are at a premium. In a world of headless chickens, the Snake, the giver of balanced advice, stands out.
You may find yourself out on a limb especially in May but you won’t be short of ideas or resources. Your enemy is self-pity. Don’t believe your own sob stories. There is no part of your life story – good or bad – of which you are not the author. Part of the second-in-command stuff is to deny this truth. If you didn’t make the decision you can’t be blamed for the outcome can you?
Watch out for your teeth this year and over bright lights. Seek support but not charity as it will end up weakening you.
In relationship you are called to be true and to be strong. While your attention is on the troubles of others, your own are under control. Today’s newspapers are tomorrow’s chip wrappers after all.
Watch out for Monkeys who will seek help from you although they may not have been in touch for a very long time. Offer compassion; in 2012 you may value theirs.

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