Is your house working for or against you?Tune-Ups for 2022 the Year of the Water Tiger

Feng shui changes to

your home in 2022, the

Year of the Water Tiger

via Zoom with

Richard Ashworth

Sometime between now and mid-February, the annual qi shifts; Ox Year becomes Tiger Year, Ruling Star 6 becomes Ruling Star 5. Nature doesn’t work in straight lines however, so it’s a gradual shift: you may even be able to feel it as it is happening. This Tiger of 2022 joining is a different, fiercer and more rapid beast than the sleepy Ox of 2021. The World is waking up. Much will be resolved by year’s end, globally, locally, domestically, other. That’s the Tiger, both patient and swift to pounce.

What about the space I occupy? There are winners and losers in this: certain houses opening to the North East for instance will need a serious tweak; Sheep and Rabbit may be due for excitement and the energy pattern of every home and office will have to accommodate fresh Flying Stars, that is pockets of qi, some helpful, some not so much. How these Flying Star patterns established at construction, interact with the Tiger is covered routinely by my Annual Tune-Ups. If I have surveyed your house I will have notes and a Qi Map to work from as I bring your home into 2022.

If I don’t know yours I can usually advise but as these tune-ups will be via Zoom, I’ll need more information before I start. Without certain measurements a remote survey may be misleading or indeed hazardous.

There’s much more: every home like every person is different and requires different alterations. From January 17th I am available to advise as to how to Tune-Up your particular space. If you are interested in a Zoom Tune-Up, email Sheila at

Richard Ashworth is one of the most respected Western Feng Shui Masters. He was among the pioneers of feng shui survey & analysis at a distance (for now of course the most prudent way to do it) on MySpirit Radio in the noughties. A good taster of his approach may be found on Audible at can see him at work on tv’s Housebusters at  or read his book The Feng Shui Diaries. Most Thursdays and Fridays he is to be found teaching both feng shui and ba zi one-to-one online (times by mutual arrangement) with students from Seattle to Belgium,

Richard has worked from Lebanon to Bermuda, in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and with stars such as Naomie Harris, Kelly Hoppen and Gillian Anderson. Unusually for a Western Master, he has addressed the Grand Masters at the International Feng Shui Conference in Singapore. As of 2022 he is a Founder Committee Member of the IFSA UK Chapter.

Every month we send (at a modest fee) retainer clients a more comprehensive monthly bulletin than this one, covering in detail right places to be (and when) as well as the most helpful days Animal by Animal, day by day & much more from the Chinese calendar.

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