Wood Dragon Forecast Day

2024, The Year of the Wood Dragon:
Life, love, prosperity and how to maintain them
with Richard Ashworth
Zoom: 3pm (UK Time) Saturday 2nd December*
Live and in person: 10am (UK Time) Saturday 9th December 

So the Wood Dragons of 1964 are 60. These guys, the pioneers of New Age practice and much else, now maybe hand the baton down, perhaps to the Fire Dragons of 1976 or (more likely) the Earth Dragons of 1988. On the forecast days I will outline what this might look like. And of course what may be calling your own Zodiac Animals.

Dragons suffer the so-called “self-clash”; that is to say that a Dragon Year brings tests and challenges. But the Dragon is a worker of magic and outcomes however uncomfortable, will tend to suit them. Roosters may find the going easier – a relief after the puzzles of the Rabbit Year – as may Rats and Monkeys. Rabbits could be stretched however (as may many Dogs) but remember that your ba zi has Four Pillars and it’s as unlikely for all four to be disadvantaged simultaneously as that they are all in pole position. I’ll be sharing some tricks to mitigate and/or maximise as the case may be.

The in-person day (9th Dec) is a very special, warm and mutually supportive gathering. The Zoom (2nd Dec timed to suit students from Vancouver to Melbourne) is pretty good too. Bring all four of your pillars to either, plus the vital statistics of any space you plan to adjust to the changed energy of 2024. If you need guidance meanwhile let us know.

Since life, love, prosperity and how to maintain them is the central theme, we’ll be looking at the state of the Earth herself as well as at possible global events (ie what happens where) and incorporating cutting edge of divination Qi Men Dun Jia which is to Four Pillars as 3D Chess is to draughts.

Whether you are a Dog or Rabbit, stuck facing South East or located West, there are solutions and opportunities in this Dragon Year. Join us and we’ll share them. See you then!

The cost is £150 per day.

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