Ze Ri, the Ancient Chinese Art of Date Selection

Ze Ri, the Ancient Chinese Art of Date Selection: Doing the right thing in the right place at the right time

Live Online Starter Course via Zoom,

the weekend of April 29th/30th 2023.

Your advice to me as to precisely when the downturn would occur and when it would pick up was bang on.” Naomie Harris star of Pirates of the Caribbean, Spectre, Moonlight & The Long Song,

This Rabbit Year is all about timing and rhythm.

Doing the right thing in the right place at the right time,” is one definition of feng shui. When we fail it’s generally because we’ve got one of three things wrong: we’ve acted too early, acted too slow or put our attention in the wrong place.

Feng shui can help us with placing; Ze Ri allows us to time things right. Over time we may combine these skills to make forecasts.

Basic Ze Ri consists of four components:

  1. Daily Stem and Branch – the Chinese Animals (or “Pillars”) have established relationships. So knowing the Pillars of month and year tells us a great deal about a day. There’s a reason many would advise staying off the roads on a Tiger Day during a Monkey Month.
  2. 2. Daily Officer – there are twelve – tells what kind of activity is appropriate. Bet on an outsider on a Balance Day; space clear on a Remove one.
  3. 3. With a bit of drilling down the Lunar Mansions suggest probable outcomes. Horn suggests plenty; Orion means competition.
  4. 4. Xuan Kong Da Gua allows us to tailor a date to a particular person, action and place.

Mix these indications up and we begin to have an idea of the events of the day. My additional comments come if you like from dreaming with them. I can teach you that too. Accurate forecasting follows.

Over the weekend of April 29th & 30th I will be teaching this extended version of my earlier One-Day Workshops, with new additional material. My intention is to follow this up with a series of forecasting workshops; you will need to know this material in order to join.

About the workshop:

  • Via Zoom only,
  • 2 Days of 6 hours each with breaks (3pm BST until 9pm BST) and
  • Will cost you £350/$420
  • It’ll be fun, informative and enlightening and it’ll be good to catch up.

Join us.

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