Auspicious Dates and Places for The (10th) month of the Fire Pig, 2020

Auspicious Dates and Places
The (10th) month of the Fire Pig, 2020.
(08:31am 7th November to 01:09am 7th December inclusive)
in the Year of the Metal Rat.
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The Receptive
Hexagram 2

An 8 month                                   is generally well-augured.
The typical Pig Month             concerns mobility & immobility.
Where to be this month:         Tai chi, North West.
Default orientation:                   Facing South.
Where not to be this month:  South East, South West, West.
Favoured Animals:                     Rabbit, Sheep, Tiger.
Especially challenged:              Pig, Snake, Monkey, Ox, Rooster, Dog.
The Hexagram (above):           2. Kun Receptive Earth over Earth. Earth Mother.

Summary: East, West, Home’s best.

7             5

6             1

2             9
Fire Pig

This Month’s lo shu or Magic Square,

The Month of the Fire Pig, Animal by Animal:
These generic forecasts carry different nuances dependent upon whether this Animal rules your Year, Month, Day, Hour or Life House.

Rats (1948, 60, 72, 84, 96; births in December* 11pm-1am & on certain days#). Rat & Pig are two sides of a single coin: expressive yang Water and suppressed yin Water. In a Pig Month within a Rat year, others may find you overbearing. Have your antennae out.

Ox (1949, 61, 73, 85, 97; births in January*, 1-3am & on certain days#) When Ox meets Pig one of you experiences loss; for you more likely financial than any other type. Roll with it; you’re in charge for another 14 months or so yet.

Tiger (1950, 62, 74, 86, 98; births in February*, 3-5am & on certain days#) Pig encourages Tiger – which may not be necessary. A well-supported month in a gruelling year. Today’s efforts pay long-term benefits. No fast moves.

Rabbit (1951, 63, 75, 87, 99; births in March*, 5-7am & on certain days#) Restless with the additional Wood the Pig draws from you. Travel discreetly; there may be calls from afar.

Dragon (1952, 64, 76, 88, 2000; births in April* 7-9am & on certain days#) Expect respect and affection throughout a Rat year but don’t expect understanding in this Pig month. Crucial to go with the flow

Snake (1941,53, 65, 77, 89; births in May*, 9-11am & on certain days#) The Pig’s opposition combine with the Rat’s indifference to make this a quiet month. Avoid unnecessary noise and stay put.

* Remember Chinese Months start a little later than European ones.
# You’ll need help and/or a Chinese Calendar for this. 

Horse (1942, 54, 66, 78, 90; births in June*, around midday & on certain days#) Opposed by the Rat all year, not much help from the Pig; back in your bunker for now.

Sheep (1943, 55, 67, 79, 91; births in July*, 1-3pm & on certain days#) Closed doors re-pen; how many and how important they are, depends on your flexibility. And they may not stay open long. Trust inklings.

Monkey (1944, 56, 68, 70, 82; births in August*, 3-5pm & on certain days#) Floated all year by the Rat; hindered by the Pig. You may find yourself going round in circles. Lower expectations for now – only.

Rooster (1945, 57, 69, 81, 93; births in September*, 5-7pm & on certain days#) Pig yin Water confuses the average Rooster. To be above average, open-up. At least till January, then you can start to make hay.

Dog (1946, 58, 70, 84, 96; births in October*, 7-9pm & on certain days#) At this time of year things start to move very slowly. Sometimes that suits you; make now one of those times; hurry won’t help; this is called gip sat. Accept the situation.

Pig (1947, 59, 71, 83, 95; births in November*, 9-11pm & on certain days#) Pig suffers the so-called “self-clash”. Uncomfortable but creative – though that may take time to show. Slow progress, so value what there is.

* Remember Chinese Months start a little later than European ones.
# You’ll need help and/or a Chinese Calendar for this. 

Stop, Start, quick, quick, slow
This Fire Pig Month – a few Notes.

The theme of the month is mobility; and its converse, immobility. And of course you don’t need me to tell you that. This stasis however concerns ongoing processes of all sorts. Don’t for instance expect the result of the US Election to be confirmed just yet. That will follow the Solar Eclipse of the 14th December; don’t expect the issue to be actually settled then either. More on that on my Metal Ox Online Forecast Day(s) 12th & 13th December (Early Bird expires on November 15th).

What I’m suggesting is to set the controls for frustration. You didn’t need me to tell you that either but here’s the thing: it won’t be frustration that’s the problem but the attempt not to be frustrated. If this sounds like a Chinese Fortune Cookie you can either adjust your view of cookies or ignore me of course. If it makes sense to you, aim to accept frustration and avoid taking action simply to relieve your discomfort.

This is an 8 Month. The 8 Earth Star is a Star of benevolence and gain. So activating the heart of your space with activity is sound procedure. You might also add Water (yes, a bowl changed daily) plus a little haematite. Oddly this is a month of generally healthy cash flow. Attribute that to Modern Monetary Theory or the magical 1:6:8 combination as you will.

The Pig Month Hexagram from the Yi or Book of Changes is Earth over Earth, Kun, The Receptive, Number 2. Things are getting dark now, huddling together is the order of the day. Kun is of course also the Hexagram of the Mother. Allow yourself to be warm and comforted but realise that clear blue sky is some months away yet.

The above is true every year but….. the Hexagram relating to this particular November is Yu, Thunder over Earth, which interestingly is sometimes called “Easy Movement”. Yin and Yang being what they are, that could easily mean absolutely no easy movement under certain circumstances. What you might like to know also is that Yu holds an undertone of skullduggery – action under the radar.  

Where to be in November.
Summary: safety.
Tai chi, Home, the centre: Year Star: 7 Month Star: 8
Aim for home – as if you have a choice – which will tend to offer genuine comfort this month. The 8 Fire Star is almost always helpful but the 7 which has rogue aspects both of Fire and Metal, remains capricious. Nonetheless in this time of chaos, the tai chi – that is the heart of any space however large – is an oasis. December promises a point of pivot when everything changes; the 8 brings a benevolent lull before the tempest of the Rat Month with only a brief break after the last storm. Expedite anything important you’ve been delaying and ensure that those you care about are as settled as they can be. This month may be the one to take preventative action.
Attention: add Water; another bowl changed daily will help, not a Water fountain. Make it proportionate to the building. Water is reckoned to drain and tame the 7 and may stimulate the 8.
Where not to be in November.
Summary: possible sickness.
South West, Accumulation: Year Star: 4 Dragon Virtue (Sheep) Month Star 5.
Oops. Poor for the woman of a certain age, also students; worse if you are both. Tendency to drain relationships. Dull. Avoid facing SW, entering that way or locating to the SouthWest to avoid the risk of money & other loss and at worst gastric &/or gynaecological issues.
Mitigation: t’ang lung wu lou*.
*We can supply these.
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