Fine tuning your space for 2024, The Year of the Wood Dragon

Rolling Thunder – The Year of the Wood Dragon
Fine tuning your space for 2024.
This year just like the last 20 or so, Richard will be “tuning up” the houses and premises of Retainer Clients and as many others as time allows. In 2024 you might like to be one of these.

Here comes the Dragon Year. The Dragon carries the weight of Yang Earth but has the power to transform. Like the calm following a storm or the peace following dispute, a Dragon Year offers positive change. The Dragon wiggles her nose and everything is different.

On some level of course everything affects everything else and such change may be international, local or in your own space. Those locations and orientations that have been helpful this last year and those that have not been so bright are about to shuffle. It may be a good idea to know which is which and take action.

The last Wood Dragon year was 1964, the year the Beatles conquered America and the swinging 60’s really began to swing. We are on the cusp of huge change. There may be only a whisker of difference between riding a wave of sustainable and hopeful change and succumbing to inertia.

And so it may be that relatively small adjustments to the space you live and work in and the way you employ that space could make a big and positive difference.

Dragon Years are inherently transformational, the fresh qi sweeps in from the South East wrong-footing many; the North West, the seat of authority becomes especially vulnerable and the West delicate. Monkeys and Rats may thrive, Dogs may need special attention. And of course there’s more.

If you would like your space adjusted to make best use of the fresh energy of 2024, just let us know. Richard will be available from mid-January.

The costs this year:
If Richard has surveyed your house already:
Zoom Tune-Up: £300
If Richard hasn’t surveyed your house:
Zoom Tune-Up: £500
If he has already drafted it, he can update your Ba Zi with 2024 in mind:
Zoom ba zi review (already drafted):    £200
Zoom ba zi review (from scratch):         £500
Detailed personal Ba Zi Analysis via Zoom for 2024:
(Zoom session of 2-3 hrs plus written guide) £1200.

Please email if you would like to book a Tune-Up but as we have only a few spaces left aleady, please be quick.

Richard Ashworth is one of the most respected Western Feng Shui Masters.  A good taster of his approach may be found on Audible . You can also see him at work on tv’s Housebusters Most Thursdays and Fridays he is to be found teaching both feng shui and ba zi  one-to-one online (times by mutual arrangement) with students from Seattle to Belgium,

Richard has worked from Lebanon to Bermuda, in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and with stars such as Naomie Harris, Kelly Hoppen and Gillian Anderson. Unusually for a Western Master, he has addressed the Grand Masters at the International Feng Shui Conference in Singapore.

Every month we send (at a modest fee) retainer clients a more comprehensive monthly bulletin than this one, covering in detail right places to be (and when) as well as the most helpful days Animal by Animal and much more from the Chinese calendar.
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