Tsun Chou, the Year of the Metal Ox

Tsun Chou, the Year of the Metal Ox:

Everyone knows that the Chinese New Year falls on February 4th. Except the Chinese. Who insist on celebrating on a different day each year. In 2020 that was January 25th, this year February 12th. By that time links to the possible fortunes of each Animal will be on my Facebook, Twitter, Linked In & Instagram. And you’ll know that the Ox faces particular challenges as the Animal of the Year and that the Rat needs to do as they are told.

Accordingly over the next twelve days we will be sharing the outlook for 2021, the Year of the Metal Ox, Animal by Animal, one link per day. The implications for each Animal will be laid out as we see it. The forecast for the Horse, for instance, falls on the 3rd Feb which marks the Solar New Year. The Horse has a surprisingly helpful year ahead btw.

We start with the Rat on the 28th January and complete with the Pig on the 8th. These auguries will take the form of my own generic description of the Animal in question followed by a forecast for the year by my student the brilliant Stephanie Stewart. If you want to know how she learned to do it perhaps consult me. All these forecasts will go onto my website during February where you can inspect them all year.

Over the next two weeks we will also make a few comments about what the Ox may have in store generally, globally, politically, environmentally, socially as well as Animal by Animal. Watch this space.

This is likely to be a year in which authority is challenged as it has not been for a very long time. The Tiger of 2022 will preside over a very changed world. We will be discussing this and other possibilities
over next two weekends on the Workshop I talk to the Animals. For European Time Zones that’s next weekend (30th&31st Jan) On  the 5th/6th Feb I’ll be doing the same thing at a time convenient for other Time Zones. Join us.

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